Welcome to the CitizenReseach survey for psoriasis

We are developing a new treatment option, aimed at transforming the way those living with psoriasis are able to prevent and control their symptoms.

Your invaluable insights and knowledge are integral to our product development process. We want to understand your preferences, concerns and typical behaviours to help ensure that we design a product that is not just effective, but that fits your daily routines.

The survey explained

In this survey, you’ll first be asked some general questions about your personal profile. In this section, we simply want to understand your lived experiences. There are absolutely no right or wrong answers, and everything you share will be entirely confidential.

In the second section of the survey, you’ll be asked to compare two treatment scenarios. You’ll be asked to choose the scenario you prefer. Again, there are no right or wrong answers - we are just interested to understand what best suits your needs and routines.

To participate, you must be over 18 years old and be diagnosed with psoriasis, and have experience with injectable treatment for psoriasis.

What will we do with your responses?

The data generated through this survey will feed directly into the development of a new treatment regimen. Your insights will support our understanding of the daily habits and routines you have, and how to design a supportive treatment routine around them.

Take the survey now to support innovation for yourself and others living with psoriasis