Tips and Tricks for Remembering your Supplements

August 17, 2016

Starting a supplement regimen isn’t always easy, especially if you are not used to taking medications or supplements regularly.

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Remembering to take your pills every single day can be hard.  So can remembering if you already took your pills that day – so sometimes you end up accidentally doubling your dose or not taking any.

Here are a few tips to help you remember to take your fish oil supplement daily.  

  1. Set an alarm!  Pick a time each day to take your pills and set an alarm to remember.  Make sure you have it set to go off every day.   Any alarm will work but setting it on your phone is a great way to make sure you will hear it, especially if you are out of the house. 
  2. Take them with meals.  Incorporate taking your supplements as a part of your meal so you are sure to remember to take them.  Taking them just before you eat usually works best so they don’t end up slipping your mind after you polish off your plate. 
  3. Keep them visible.  There is a reason we say “out of sight, out of mind”.  Keeping your supplements out where you can see them helps keep you from forgetting take them.  
           *Try setting them next to something you see daily (i.e. your toothbrush, the coffee pot, your computer) so not a day goes by you don’t remember to take them.  
           *If you are not comfortable leaving your pills out in the open, use sticky notes with a reminder phrase on it! 
  4. Get a pill organizer.  A pill box with compartments for each day of the week is a great way to make sure you take your supplements daily.  It also helps prevent you from taking extra because you forgot you already took them for the day!  At the beginning of each week fill up each day’s compartment with your daily dose and put your mind at ease. 
  5. Keep extra handy!  Despite the best of intentions, there still may be days when you realize you left the house without taking your supplements!  Keep a few extra on hand either in your bag, in your car, at work, etc.  This way even if you forget you can still stick to your program.