How it works

20. Jan. 2016

CitizenResearch is editorial articles and posts combined with surveys exploring the relationship between the life of people living with psoriasis and foods, diets and other factors potentially impacting their disease.


With surveys, CitizenResearch is exploring the relationship between the life of people living with psoriasis and potential factors like foods, diets, supplements, exercise, sleep and more, to create new knowledge and help people living with psoriasis.  

In a survey, people living with psoriasis volunteer and sign up to make a change in their life for a specific number of weeks and answer questionnaires about their life and wellbeing.

Some survey participants are chosen as Featured Participants. These people will tell their own stories throughout the surveys to help other people get real human insights in how it is to take part in a survey, what changes they experience and how it is to live with a skin disease.

The content collected and produced during surveys will be published here on CitizenResearch.

Expert scores

Each food or diet article includes an expert score going from -10 to +10. The expert score is anchored in the Anti-Inflammatory Diet Index 1 2 and set by one of our dieticians with many years of experience in the field.

The expert score is meant as guidance. Please be aware that persons may react in different ways to different foods and diets.

Check out our experts here.


Each food or diet article includes one or more polls. These polls are casual ways to share experiences and get insights into other people’s experiences.
Some polls are directly related to the articles they are in and some are asking about the broader experience with psoriasis or diets.

Read more about what we use the data for in our Data Privacy Policy.

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