About CitizenResearch

20. Jan. 2015

CitizenResearch combines existing knowledge and run new studies on how external factors affect people living with skin diseases.


Trying to understand what’s right and wrong on how foods, diets, supplements, and other daily factors affect your skin disease is not necessarily an easy task.

With existing research rewritten by our registered dietitian, CitizenResearch is making all of this information easily accessible and digestible for everyone in need of a better overview.

With studies, CitizenResearch is exploring how factors like foods, diets, supplements, exercise, sleep and more impacts the life of people living with a skin disease, to create new knowledge, research new relationships and help people living with a skin disease.

In a study, people volunteer and sign up to make a change in their life for a specific number of weeks and answer questionnaires about their life and wellbeing. Some of these people tell their own stories throughout the studies to help other people get real human insights in how it is to take part in a study, what changes they experience and how it is to live with a skin disease.

The content collected and produced during studies is published here on CitizenResearch.

Who is behind CitizenResearch

CitizenResearch is built by LEO Innovation Lab, which aims to create solutions that can improve the lives of people living with skin diseases. LEO Innovation Lab has been established as a separate unit of LEO Pharma, whose mission is to help people achieve healthy skin. LEO Pharma is owned 100% by the LEO foundation and reinvests its profits in solutions that can benefit people with skin diseases. Until November 2016, CitizenResearch was known as Alba’s Post.

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