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CitizenResearch runs collaborative research networks to improve care for chronic skin diseases, now and in the future.

It’s our mission to move beyond a top-down approach to dermatological care. We want to put those living with skin conditions back in the driving seat, by involving them in the design of healthcare innovation.

Put simply: our vision is a world where solutions for skin diseases are designed with patients, for patients.

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Citizen involvement is vital to understand how we are able to treat and support life with a chronic skin condition. You understand your skin better than any scientist ever could. Our mission is to empower you with the tools you need to contribute invaluable insights so that we can drive science forward, from the bottom up.

Our research tools are open for all those living with a skin condition as well as their carers. No scientific or research expertise is required. All you need to draw on is your lived experiences.

You can help to change the future of life with a chronic skin disease by taking part in vital research to improve understanding about what works for who, when and how. All the data you generate is funneled into our pioneering research, ensuring we develop solutions you need, at the highest possible quality.

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We need your input to develop the best possible injectable treatment for moderate to severe psoriasis.

To participate, you must be over 18 years old and diagnosed with psoriasis.

We want to understand your treatment preferences to support the development of a new treatment regime for severe eczema.

To participate, you must be over 18 years old and be diagnosed with moderate to severe eczema.

Studies&Me is your first step in joining a clinical study on the treatment of skin conditions. We link information about you and your condition with doctors and clinics around your area, in order to find the most relevant clinical study for you.